What challenges do organizations face in complying with EU and national hazardous substance regulations?

Laragon and Quentic will discuss the benefits of digitization to comply with REACH, SEVESO, ADR, CLP, APQ regulations.

Madrid, March 3, 2021. Those responsible for managing the regulatory compliance of hazardous substances in their operations are invited this Thursday, March 11, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to the webinar organized by the consultancy firm Laragon specialized in consulting and implementation of solutions for QEHS management, Sustainability, GRC, and Quentic , leading provider of SaaS solutions in the European market for EHS and CSR.

The forum How to comply with EU and national regulations on hazardous substances. will analyze the challenges for organizations to avoid non-compliance or non-compliance with the strict regulations that apply and require to be up to date: REACH, SEVESO, ADR, CLP, APQ.

The main challenge faced by organizations and managers in this area is to coordinate administrative and control tasks involving several areas and a large number of internal and external actors operating from the field or from offices.

Through the analysis of success stories from various companies, webinar attendees will discover the benefits of using a comprehensive EHS benefits of using a comprehensive EHS management system such as such as Quentic.

In the words of Kevin Esposito Laragon’s Consulting Manager. “Organizations that have digitized the management of hazardous substances have improved compliance with different regulations, minimizing risks associated with activities involving hazardous substances. They can also ensure that they have documented all storage, transportation, and utilization requirements, subject to approval processes and in accordance with the general and specific regulations that apply to each type of industry. Digitization of these processes provides different types of users (Managers, Area Managers, Operators, etc.) with access in one place to all the information, from a simple instruction for use, an SDS, to being able to carry out risk and exposure assessments of employees to substances”.

In this webinar we will discuss the following topics: – How to comply with regulations: REACH, SEVESO, ADR, CLP, APQ – How to keep track of storage, transport, use and disposal requirements and limits – How to assess, document and report hazards related to hazardous substances – How to manage approval processes and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) efficiently – How EHS software such as Quentic can help you with hazardous substance management

Registration for the webinar is now open. Interested parties can reserve their place through this link. The event can be followed through social networks with the hashtags #LaragonWebinar and #GestiondeSustanciasPeligrosas.

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