Challenges in calculating and digitizing the carbon footprint

How can organizations use technology to secure their emissions reduction targets?

Laragon and EHS Techniques will analyze the role of technology as the ally on which leading companies rely to ensure compliance with the strategies associated with Climate Change.

Madrid, March 8, 2021. The measurement of environmental criteria and indicators is becoming increasingly important in the decision-making processes of investors and financial institutions, becoming a key factor for the solvency of companies and their access to capital markets.

This factor, coupled with increasingly stringent non-financial reporting requirements, is accelerating the implementation of initiatives by companies to reduce their emissions regardless of their activity. But the effectiveness of your strategy depends to a large extent on a correct, complete and detailed measurement of its Carbon Footprint. .

The Thursday, March 25, at 4:00 p.m. CETLaragon and EHS Techniques are organizing the webinar Climate Change: Challenges in Carbon Footprint Calculation and Digitization”.The event will address the keys for an adequate measurement of the Carbon Footprint, in particular Scope 3, its connection with circular economy strategies, and the benefits of its digitalization as part of a global climate change management system.

We will also have the participation of a first class speaker, Laura de Eugenio, from the HSE Department and who was for more than 10 years responsible for the environment of the group TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS, who will talk about her experience in the measurement and management of the scope 3 of its Carbon Footprint.

The webinar is aimed at corporate Environment and Climate Change Directors and Officers, as well as Managers and Coordinators of corporate programs for emissions reduction, circular economy, ESG reporting, and climate risk management.

What topics will be addressed:

  • What are the challenges of the new climate change policies?
  • How do we manage new regulatory and supply chain requirements?
  • How does Scope 3 estimation affect our activities?
  • How can I link it to a circular economy strategy?
  • How can I digitize my Carbon Footprint management and integrate it into an overall environmental reporting and climate change risk assessment process?

The event can be followed on social media with the hashtags #LaragonWebinar and #CalculodeHuelladeCarbono.

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