How to comply with EU and national regulations on hazardous substances

REACH, SEVESO, ADR, CLP, APQ: regulatory compliance in your operations

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Chemicals management is a highly regulated, cross-cutting process with a large number of players who, in turn, carry out their activities both in the office and in the field. In addition, those responsible for these processes are confronted on a daily basis with an increasing strict regulation and the company or department itself.

The sum of all these factors results in increasing complexity in the management of hazardous substances, as well as a high risk of non-compliance. In this context, part of the solution is to eliminate tedious paper or spreadsheet-based processes and move towards digital management.

Don’t miss this webinar in which we will address the challenges facing organizations in the management of hazardous substances today. Discover, through the analysis of success stories from several companies, the benefits of using a comprehensive EHS management system such as Quentic.

In this webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  • How to comply with regulations: REACH, SEVESO, ADR, CLP, APQ
  • How to keep track of storage, transportation, use and disposal requirements and limits
  • How to assess, document and report hazards related to hazardous substances
  • How to manage approval processes and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) efficiently
  • How EHS software like Quentic can help with hazardous substance management

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