Towards integrated ESG and climate change performance management

New Date 27/05/2021 – 16:00 CET

The growing relevance of ESG performance and the need to address the risks arising from climate change and decarbonization processes present new challenges for companies, and in particular for managers responsible for integrating sustainability into their strategic planning and for the teams in charge of monitoring its implementation.

It is not enough to redesign processes and operations to reduce emissions: it is necessary to pilot the definition of objectives, improve management capacity and coordination between departments for an adequate measurement of the outcome and impacts of initiatives, risk assessment and reporting processes aligned with methodological frameworks such as ODS, TCFD or EU Taxonomy.

This webinar organized by LARAGON will be held on May 27th, starting at 16:00 CET, Y will showcase the role of digitalization as a key factor in the integrated management of ESG and Climate Change strategies. The event will also serve to launch the Laragon VISION 2030 solution.

What topics will be addressed:

  • ESG Performance and Climate Change: Regulatory and reporting challenges
  • Keys for the Digitization of Sustainability and Decarbonization Programs: from strategy to impact measurement.
  • Presentation of the Solution Laragon VISION 2030 for the integral management of Sustainability and Climate Change.

The registration form for this webinar is now available. Interested parties can reserve their place through this link . The event can be followed on social networks with the hashtags #LaragonWebinar y #LaragonVision2030.

About Laragon

We are a technology consulting firm specialized in the digitization of key business processes in Sustainability Strategies, Environmental Management and Climate Change, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance. Headquartered in Spain and with operations in Latin America, we have been working with our partners since 2006 to make technology available to all organizations.