Environmental and Sustainability Management Software

Today, companies, regardless of their size and the sector to which they belong, are facing major challenges in sustainable and environmental management, particularly in the collection and analysis of large amounts of increasingly complex data. This is in addition to the difficulty of complying with multiple frameworks and new requirements in terms of social, environmental, and governance criteria, as well as internal controls for verifying and auditing information.

Provide your organization with efficient solutions that help align your business strategy with sustainable development objectives, comply with national and European regulations in a secure and efficient way, and simplify ESG reporting.


Environmental Management Software

The challenge of the 21st Century: to minimize the Environmental Impact of our operations and avoid risks of non-compliance.

The most sustainable organizations must have an environmental management system that allows managers and decision-makers to undertake sustainable strategies and environmental performance; measure, control and reduce their significant impacts with consistent and internationally recognized methodologies.

At Laragon we specialize in digitization projects to simplify the implementation of carbon footprint emission reduction strategies, as well as the coordination of the different areas and actors involved in the operations and their environmental impact. The solutions we propose allow to record, consolidate, and generate reports according to different criteria/standards with verifiable and comparable data.

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Indicator Management and Environmental Reporting Software

With many reporting sites and data collection mechanisms, it is difficult to automate the process that governs how information is obtained, populated into report templates, and communicated to the Stakeholders.

Thanks to reporting tools, you can communicate the progress of your environmental objectives to your stakeholders and provide them with clear visibility of your performance. 

Integrate key global emissions standards and protocols throughout your organization to help manage and minimize your GHG emissions.

Save time

Ensure data quality

Inventory and Emissions Calculation/GHG

Companies need to accurately collect, analyze, and report emissions data. But calculating emissions from complex sites and operations is difficult. Consolidating and converting data into actionable insights to help reduce emissions is also a major challenge. 

Count on an accurate and reliable software in your organization to calculate in detail the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your company, ensuring compliance with national, European, and international regulations.

Protect your company’s reputation in the long run by meeting the expectations and demands of regulators and stakeholders.

Automatically calculate GHG emissions

Select appropriate emission factors

Manage your inventory

Non-Financial Reporting Software

Report according to international standards like: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)…. Generate compliance reports, such as Clean Air Act regulations, GHG MRR, NSPS, NESHAP, NSR, PSD and TRI in the U.S., NGERS in Australia, NPRI in Canada, TA Luft and others around the world.

Automate data collection and validation, and quickly populate templates according to standards such as GRI, CDP, SASB and DJSI.

Climate Change Risk Management Software. TCFD Report

Thanks to the digitization of your climate strategy, you will be able to communicate the progress of your climate change objectives and strategies according to the TCFD recommendations.

Waste and Hazardous Substances Management Software

Those responsible for managing the regulatory compliance of hazardous substances in their operations must ensure compliance with the EU and national hazardous substances regulations that apply and require updating: REACH, SEVESO, ADR, CLP, APQ, etc.

Manage and reduce waste and ensure regulatory compliance for your environmental performance improvement initiatives. Optimize waste management and tracking at all stages of your operations, from generation, accumulation, transportation, treatment, and disposal. Optimize your waste management processes through a central system, ensuring compliance with hazardous waste regulations, giving you control over waste sent to landfills.

Automate the coordination of administrative and control tasks involving several areas and a large number of internal and external stakeholders operating from the field or from the offices. Greatly reduce non-conformities and ensure that your organization has documented all storage, transport, and use requirements in Safety Data Sheets subject to approval processes and in accordance with the general and specific regulations that apply to each type of industry.

Simplify and improve waste management

Control waste-related costs

Ensure regulatory compliance

Air and Water Quality Monitoring Software

Companies that generate any discharge or emission from their processes into the water and/or air must comply with the regulations and requirements that specify sampling, pollutant limits, etc. They must monitor discharges to ensure that sampling and reporting are carried out in accordance with regulations and do not break the chain of custody.

At Laragon, we implement solutions that allow you to manage emissions and discharges by controlling every piece of equipment, discharge point and material in your operations. Centralize and standardize data from all facilities and establish chain-of-custody records. Monitor all sampling locations by tracking properties, data, relevant sampling requirements, permits and limits.

Ensure regulatory compliance, identify risks of exceeding permit limits. Monitor sampling requirements and contaminant limits for all your sites. Report on time and correctly.

Optimize water management and improve water sampling

Cumplimiento de la Calidad del Aire

Accurate emissions inventories

ISO14001 Management Automation

Risk Assessment

At Laragon we advise and help you implement a systematic and consistent approach to identify environmental aspects and impacts and avoid unacceptable levels of risk. We help your organization prioritize actions to reduce the most significant impacts and improve environmental performance by comparing results from previous and current periods.

Incident Management

Regulatory Compliance: Regulation, Policies and Permits

Manage all permit requirements and identify risks of exceeding permit limits. Follow sampling requirements and contaminant limits for all sites in your organization. Report quickly and accurately.


Audit Management Software helps you successfully assess compliance with internal policies and regulations. Ensure consistency by performing standardized audits across your organization from your desktop or mobile device. 

Improve the effectiveness and productivity of auditors and audit program managers. Obtain a clear measurement of compliance. Track all improvement items with their respective root cause analysis and action plans.

Obtain reports in an automated way.

Automation of Consumption Management

  • Automate consumption data regardless of billing frequency. Ensure the quality and integrity of consumption data directly from different utility providers.
  • Strengthen data verification in a single click, making the auditor’s job easier.
  • Collect consolidated meter data at different frequencies. Normalize consumption and utility cost data on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.
  • Identify trends and usage patterns.
  • Easily compare bills between different utilities.

Sustainability and Performance Software

Companies have already integrated the principles of sustainability into their strategy. The challenge now is to monitor performance in their operations, track objectives, make decisions and report reliably.

Organizations must strengthen their social and environmental performance, as well as their commitment to CSR principles. At Laragon we specialize in the digitization of sustainable performance and the reporting and monitoring of ESG strategies, Non-Financial Reporting, ODS, GRI, GHG, DJSI, CDP, SASB, among others.

Have software in your organization that helps you achieve your sustainability objectives by optimizing your data and reports and involving all stakeholders.

Automate the efficient collection and management of Environmental, Human Resources, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) data.

Ensure the quality and traceability of ESG data to improve your audits, verifications, calculations and ultimately the reporting of your organization’s sustainable performance.

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Improve your sustainability reporting and ensure data quality and reliability

Sustainability and ESG Reporting Software

Automate data collection, consolidation, and management to monitor and calculate key metrics around corporate social responsibility (CSR), ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) and environmental performance. Create ESG, sustainability, materiality, and other reports to improve stakeholder communications and show greater transparency.

Create ESG reports on progress toward sustainability goals. 

Stakeholders, including investors, customers, rating agencies, NGOs, and society, are evaluating companies using non-financial criteria. Sustainability policies and CSR and ESG data are becoming an important part of corporate reporting. The need to digitize these key processes of organizations has become a priority.

Sustainability Project Management Software

Companies are under increasing pressure to manage the environmental risks and impacts of their operations. Manage sustainability projects effectively. Deploy projects at the corporate level or in your business units, specific sites. Evaluate and analyze the ROI of sustainability initiatives, and the financial and environmental impacts of each project.

Implement initiatives and projects, measure their effectiveness, and balance business objectives with environmental responsibilities. Benchmark project performance against prior period results and future projections, and monitor energy efficiency programs and emission reduction projects. 

At Laragon, we put technology at our customers’ fingertips to help them manage energy reduction programs, drive energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, mitigate risk, and strengthen the bottom line.

Performance Metrics Software

Obtaining data on key indicators is complex due to having to manage a lot of diverse data that must be accurately collected, consolidated, and analyzed. Data can be inaccurate, incomplete, or even lost. The Performance Metrics application enables companies to improve EHS and Sustainability performance, reduce risk, drive operational excellence, and accurately report to stakeholders.

Collect and validate a large amount of data from all sites in your organization. Ensure data quality and auditability. Define qualitative and quantitative indicators to measure and report performance and drive improvements. Communicate consolidated data effectively.

Measure and evaluate your sustainability projects and compare them with the defined objectives, ensuring effective reporting and credibility in order to link these objectives with other policies such as compensation, and last, define relevant KPIs. 

Track the schedule and status of each sustainability project. Monitor progress, tasks, deviations by responsible parties, roles at each point in your organization.

Stakeholder Management Software

Conduct a materiality analysis to understand stakeholder concerns and comply with industry reporting standards. Generate materiality-focused CSR reports tailored to the specific requirements of each Stakeholder Group.

Corporate responsibility plays an increasingly important role in a company’s reputation. Stakeholders increasingly value access to financial and non-financial information and data, so transparency in this type of information is key. 

Identify, classify, and group your stakeholders according to their respective impacts on your company with the help of a stakeholder management software.

Corporate responsibility plays an increasingly important role in a company’s reputation. Stakeholders increasingly value access to financial and non-financial information and data, so transparency in this type of information is key. 

Identify, classify, and group your stakeholders according to their respective impacts on your company with the help of a stakeholder management software.

Initiatives and Donations Management Software

Companies often lack a global vision of their philanthropic initiatives and financial donations to local communities. In many cases they rely on informal methods rather than systematic and structured processes that allow them to manage and communicate such actions effectively by country, region, etc.

Have an application in your organization that helps you to track global and local projects centrally and closely within your company from the external organizations involved.

Easily see the breakdown of corporate investment, community and commercial benefits and analyze their impact: by types and investment amounts of your donations and initiatives. Breakdown of investments by country and region.

Determine the areas of involvement that require increased activity, the types of contributions that need to be increased, and the geographic areas that require increased engagement within the local community.

Supply Chain Management Software

Suppliers and contractors influence the sustainable performance of your organization. With digitization, you can collect supply chain data to assess the compliance and performance of suppliers and contractors in real time.

Automatically collect documents and key performance metrics from suppliers and contractors. Assess the compliance status of suppliers and your overall supply chain. Plan, conduct and document supplier and contractor audits.

Incorporate EHS, sustainability, social and ethical criteria into sourcing decisions. Collect information and documents on parts, materials and chemicals incorporated in the supply chain, as well as safety data sheets (SDS) and complete composition data.

GHG Emissions Software

Accurately calculate your company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Collect and report emissions data, and reduce your environmental impact, helping to meet the expectations and demands of regulators and stakeholders. Strengthen your organization’s long-term reputation.

Companies need to accurately collect, analyze, and report their emissions data. The GHG emissions application helps you eliminate human error, perform effective scenario analysis, and manage, report and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at all levels.

Reduce your carbon footprint by integrating key global emissions standards and protocols throughout your organization and ensure regulatory compliance.

Automatically calculate your carbon footprint for various protocols and geographies for Scope 1, 2 and 3. At the same time, you will be able to calculate Scope 2 with the market-based methodology, as the system will help you to take into account the Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC), the emission factors of suppliers and/or the Energy Mix and apply this logic where applicable.

Select appropriate emission factors using the correct emission factors based on activity, gas emitted, geographic locations, and applicability date. These factors will give your calculations more accurate emissions across your organization.

Manage your emissions inventory from an organizational and operational perspective. 

Action Plan Management Software

Create your action plans with artificial intelligence and machine learning, to suggest the most effective action plans in response to your events.

Provide all employees with a single, centralized portal, available via mobile devices where they can access, complete, and document all assigned actions and tasks.

Optimize actions by:

Ensure the achievement of your objectives

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