Laragon joins the Spanish Green Growth Group

From Laragon we are honored to be part of GECV ( Spanish Green Growth Group ) a group of professionals and companies that have been working since 2014 to create a more sustainable society by helping to meet the goals of mitigating and adapting to climate change, the decarbonizing the economy and the promotion of a circular economy.

Through this platform, companies are encouraged to participate in the most relevant national and international debates on the subject, share information and identify opportunities for Spanish companies.

We hope that, with our experience in the digitization of Environmental and Sustainability Management, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Compliance processes in companies, we will help to make these challenges a reality.


The Association’s general aim is to convey to society and public administrations its vision on the development of an economic growth model in line with the Barcelona Declaration.

Without prejudice to the generality with which this general purpose is expressed, the following are particular purposes of the Association:

  • Promote the necessary activities to convey to society and public administrations the potential of this green economic growth model for Spain.
  • Contribute to the generation and dissemination of the knowledge necessary to activate changes aimed at achieving sustainable development.
  • Influence the creation of favorable conditions for the development of a low-carbon economy, compatible with the objective of economic growth and job creation.
  • To serve as a relevant interlocutor of the business sector with public administrations, business associations/professional corporations, universities and other interest groups, both nationally and internationally.

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