ESG performance reporting just got easier for Laragon and Enablon customers

ESG strategies are gaining relevance in companies. This is largely due to the growing interest of investors and stakeholders in the detailed study of companies’ annual sustainable performance report.

Laragon recently introduced Laragon VISION 2030 a comprehensive ESG management solution that facilitates decision making aligned with sustainability and climate change strategies, and performance reporting for organizations.

Our clients have auditable systems aligned with the latest industry frameworks and standards that help them produce automated reports in compliance with the most relevant international standards Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Clean Air Act regulations, GHG MRR, NSPS, NESHAP, NSR, PSD and TRI in the USA, NGERS in Australia, NPRI in Canada, TA Luft, among others.

Enablon incorporates SASB

The software firm Enablon, part of the Wolters Kluwer Group, has signed an agreement with the Value Reporting Foundation to integrate SASB standards and the SASB Materiality Map® into its platform. Enablon Vision, what makes it easy for its clients to apply the SASB framework for their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance reporting.

The SASB standard is available for 77 industries in 11 sectors. The standards address five dimensions of sustainability.

  • Environment
  • Human capital
  • Capital stock
  • Business model and innovation
  • Leadership and governance

SASB identifies the subset of ESG issues most relevant to financial performance in each of the 77 sectors, highlighting the issues that matter most to investors. Each standard includes disclosure issues and accounting metrics. The SASB Materiality Map® is an interactive tool that identifies and compares disclosure issues in different industries and sectors.

About Laragon

We are a technology consulting firm headquartered in Madrid. Our mission is to put technology at the service of our clients to help them manage their environmental and social performance, control their risks, monitor their health and safety processes, and in short improve their performance and the sustainability of their business.

At Laragon we have 14 years of experience implementing Enablon solutions in leading global companies in all sectors of activity.

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