“At Laragon, constant evolution is key. With data analytics, every challenge has led us to learn and grow”

In an interview with Enrique Navarro, technical consultant at Laragon, we explore his journey from the early days of custom reporting to innovative complex data analytics projects. We dive into the importance of knowing the client’s needs, the attention to detail in briefs and configurations, and how Enrique integrates his passion for programming into personal projects related to music.

Question: Enrique, at the beginning of your career at Laragon, your responsibility was the management of the final customer information for the Enablon solution. How would you describe the evolution of your role since then?

Answer: Initially, my role focused on the generation of customised reports in Enablon. As time progressed, my role expanded to include configurations, integrations with other systems and the adoption of technologies such as Odata, a standard protocol that facilitates communication and data exchange between disparate systems. We are currently advisors in data analytics for ESG and EHS projects.

Q: You mentioned data analytics projects for customers, transforming and storing information from Enablon and other solutions. Could you share more details about how you approached this project and what you learned during the process?

A: Yes, we implemented different systems, including Data Lakes for a client, extracting data from Enablon, transforming and storing it. This project has been an enriching experience that has allowed us to explore new areas. We learned to manage information efficiently and to adapt to the specific needs of the client.

Q: You work with companies in various sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Food and Infrastructure. How do you deal with the technical similarities and differences between these fields?

A: Although technically there are similarities, the external functional layer varies from sector to sector. It is essential to have at least a basic knowledge of the sector in which each client works. Such as implementation of chemical management solutions, waste management, etc.

Q: You mentioned the importance of getting to know your customers, even though you don’t interact directly with them in the technical department. How do you manage to maintain that connection and what role do functional consultants play in this?

A: The technical department interacts directly with customers, it is crucial to know their needs, it is a value of our company. I rely on my colleagues for valuable information. I am always looking to get involved in new developments and projects, as this is also linked to better understanding the needs of clients.

Q: Can you share one achievement you are particularly proud of in your Laragon career?

A: One of my major achievements was the redesign of a report initially limited to a few modules. This report now covers almost all modules, demonstrating improved scalability. This complex redesign process and the subsequent expansion of the report represent a milestone of which I am very proud.

Q: How do you feel about attention to detail in your daily work?

A: Attention to detail is essential, especially in reporting and configuration to clients. Every job must be complete and well done. This meticulous approach ensures quality and customer satisfaction.

Q: How do you get out of it so that you come to work with even more energy?

A: My escape time is related to the application of my programming skills in the creation of software for printing sheet music. This fusion of my passion for music with my software skills provides me with meaningful and creative leisure time.

Q: Finally, Enrique, what advice would you give to someone aspiring to a similar role to yours at Laragon?

A: It is essential to understand that the work can evolve according to the changing needs of the client. Effective communication with colleagues and being a good collaborator are also key to success in this role. Oh, and before I go, I want to say that I am involved in the creation/maintenance of our Helpdesk, an internal platform for the daily development of professionals, something to be more than proud of, right?