Health and Safety Software

The goal is “Zero Accidents”: culture, processes, controls, permanent learning, global connectivity, predictive analytics…

The digitization of all H&S management processes has become a priority in organizations that want to be leaders. H&S executives and managers are not only responsible for keeping workers safe and healthy, but they must also identify and mitigate risks to predict and prevent incidents, promote safety culture, and ensure that management contributes to operational excellence.

Laragon has 15 years of experience implementing software solutions for integrated EHS management, helping companies to protect their corporate reputation, reduce costs, manage risks, optimize internal processes, and ensure compliance with ISO 45001. As well as, regulatory requirements and regulatory requirements of OSHA, RIDDOR, WCB, among others.  

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Incident Management Software

Ensure optimal safety and reduce exposure to operational risk and workplace injuries. Manage incidents with a comprehensive platform that enables you to comply, report, predict, prevent, and ultimately minimize risk.

At Laragon, we can advise you on the software that best suits your type and size of business to automate and improve incident management, from capture and logging, to investigation, root cause analysis and corrective action.

Digitize your organization’s H&S processes. Replace outdated systems with a solution that has the capability to improve your compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements such as OSHA, RIDDOR, WCB and more.

Ensure rapid notification of incidents to the right people via mobile devices (online – offline).

Save time

Ensure data quality

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Observations Management Software

Having software that helps foster a culture of safety and improves employee engagement by making it easy for them to report unsafe and risky behavior and conditions will directly impact your organization’s reputation.

Increase productivity by enabling the capture of observations using mobile devices (online – offline). Track preventative actions while minimizing occupational safety risks.

Identify hazards and risks through observational analysis

Strengthen security culture

Excellence in operations and processes

Risk Analysis and Occupational Safety Software

With a comprehensive software tool, you can take risk and safety management decisions and respond to incidents, keeping your people safe and your business running because the solution allows you to successfully identify the hazards and risks associated with each job and its work steps, consistently, systematically and effectively. 

Effective job safety analysis and accident prevention depends in large part on good data analysis. Poor information from multiple sources makes it difficult to collect and analyze high quality data. Ensuring the quality of information will give you greater visibility, help you identify risks, and implement appropriate controls.

Integrate your risk analysis with incident management and link to multiple types of assessments and improve information sharing across all locations.

Automate and improve worker safety

Occupational Health Software

Plan visits and administer prescriptions and treatments. Comply with regulatory and policy requirements. Also, comply with ISO 45001 standards protecting workers from physical injury and health problems. Analyze trends in health problems or absenteeism. 

 Occupational health managers must manage medical records in a secure and confidential manner, while being proactive in the management of medical surveillance programs established by the organization and legislation.

Organizations have the duty to identify and monitor any potential hazard caused by company activities to the workforce.

Anticipate, meet, and improve ISO 45001 requirements

Industrial Hygiene Software

Digitize your industrial hygiene processes by identifying and categorizing similar exposure groups by workstation, being able to implement preventive actions to mitigate exposure to hazardous or risky elements and generating compliance reports.

Automate your qualitative exposure assessments to create sampling plans and quantifying exposure risks.

Manage regulatory compliance and sampling plans

Effective sampling plans

Safety Software for Contractors

Optimize workplace safety by managing, tracking, investigating, and reducing contractor-related incidents. 

For many companies, managing contractor risks and incidents has become a significant challenge. Business casuistry, geographic locations, staff turnover and the complexity of compliance requirements add to the complexity of the challenge.

Having a solution that allows you to centrally monitor and compare the safety performance of all contractors and easily generate automated incident reports involving contractors will positively impact your organization’s safety culture.

Improve contractor safety and collaboration

Action Plan Management Software

Manage preventative and corrective action plans that help mitigate risks, improve operational performance, comply with regulations, and drive positive change in your organization.

At Laragon we offer AI and machine learning enabled solutions to suggest the most effective action plans in response to incidents and they are available via mobile devices and with easy operation. Employees access a single portal from which they can complete, and document all assigned actions and tasks and follow up.

Task planning and monitoring of corporate objectives

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